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Believed to be 100s of years old.


Diety worshipped by family members.


The eco-tourism project nearby.


Vappala is a well known ancient tharavadu in the Valluvanadu region (southern Malabar).

This site is meant to keep the interacion between family members alive and also keep the family posted about the activities related to the taravad and macchu

About us

The family has a history of hundreds of years and is said to have roots from Kozhikode during the Zamorin Era. There are many thavazhis originated from the main tharavadu whose members are spread across different parts of the world


Below are the main deities traditionally worshiped by the family members.

Machu (Padinjatta)

The main deity in the Machu is "Bhuvaneshwari" worshipped as "Sreechakram" along with two "guru prethams" or ancestors.

South - Bhuvaneshwari
North - Two Gurupretham in the same mandapam (Vaishnavam)

Mandapa pura

Mandapa pura is the abode of Bhadrakali, Vettekkaran and Kiratha Parvathi as idols (swaroopam) and Nagaraja and Nagayakshi as presence(sankalpam)
From South:
Bhadrakali , Vettekkaran , Kiratha Parvathi (Tvarithabhavam) , Brahmarakshassu


Poojas and offerings are conducted annually, monthly and daily in the Machu and Mandapappura as per the chaarthu given by Tantri Akathekunnathu Krishnan Namboodiri after the temple restoration (Punar prathishta). These poojas are conducted regularly for the benefit of entire tharavaadu and all family members are requested to participate in them.

Pooja details (Charthu)



6:30 AM - 12 PM

Annual Pooja

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Special poojas are conducted annually in the malayam month of Edavam (May-June).
Special pooja with special naivedyam is conducted for Bhuvaneshwari and the two Guruprethams Guruthi tarpanam for Bhuvaneshwari
Special naivedya pooja for Bhadrakali , Vettekkaran and Kiratha parvathi and padmam ittu pooja for Brahmarakshassu at mandapapura Ganapathi homam
Padma pooja for Nagaraja and Nagayakshi presence
Pashu Danam to Bhramins
Offerings at the temples of Guruvayoor , Kannadimanna Shiva Temple , Thrikkadeeri Moonnumurthy Temple, Thattakathu Bhagavathi , Maakaavu Thiruvilayanaadu Kavu and other linked temples

Maha Navarathri Pooja


5:30 PM - 7 PM

Maha Navami

6:30 AM - 7 PM


9 AM - 12 PM

Maha Navarathri Pooja

Maha Navarathri pooja is conducted every year for three days as below Ashtami : Pooja veppu
Maha Navami : Ayuda Pooja
Vijaya Dashami : Vidhyarambham

Monthly Pooja

Muppettu Velli

9 AM - 12 PM

Monthly poojas

Monthly poojas as below are conducted on the first friday of every malayalam month(Muppettu Velli) by a Brahmin priest Special poojas with neivedyam is offered to Bhuvaneshwari and gurupredams in the padinjattini At the mandapapura, special poojas with naivedyam for Bhadrakali , Vettekkaran and Kiratha parvathi

Daily Pooja

8 AM - 9 AM

Daily Pooja

Daily pooja is done at Machu and Mandapappura by the family member as per the custom instructions


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